How to Win Betting on Running?

Do you dream of making winning sprinting wagers and getting paid to watch all of the best track and field action? Well, in our guide we are going to explain everything you need to know about gambling on running so you could start winning today!

What Types of Running Races Can You Bet On?

Running is such an amazing sport to gamble on because bettors have so many different options. Here are the most popular forms of dashing:

  1. Track & Field – This type features your classic events such as 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m. These events take place outside on a purpose-built track which is 400m long.
  2. Indoor Track & Field – While classic track & field events occur outside there are also specialized indoor events. The fact that these races take place indoors could actually affect the result and there are certain athletes who specialize in this format.
  3. Road Running – Long-distance contests such as marathons and half marathons typically do not take place on tracks but are raced on roads. Unlike track & field events road sprinting tests endurance rather than an athlete’s speed.
  4. Race Walking – This unusual sport is raced over 20km and takes place on open roads just like road dashing. Athletes have to conform to strict form and if the judges determine they are sprinting they will be disqualified.
  5. Cross Country – Cross country is a long-distance running event that takes place over a variety of terrains including hills, dirt, sand, and everything you can think of. Cross country is known for being incredibly grueling.

Thanks to online gambling sites you are able to wager on all of these amazing types of contests, ensuring that you can always find great action.

What Are the Best Events to Gamble On?

If you want to boost your running betting win percentage then you should bet on these events:

  1. World Athletics Championships – Held once every 2 years, the best athletes battle it out to be crowned world champion. Contests that are worth betting on include the 100m, 110m hurdles, and the 200m relay.
  2. World Cross Country Championships – The top cross country runners compete every 2 years to determine who is the champion. This race changes locations every time and can be incredibly exciting with the race often coming down to the final bend!
  3. World Athletics Indoor Championships – This prestigious competition is held once every 2 years and features the very best athletes from around the world. Some of the must-watch events include the 60m sprint, 1500m race, and the 60 m hurdles.
  4. New York Marathon – The New York Marathon is one of the biggest races in the world and sees almost 60,000 runners report to the start every year! Athletes attack the punishing course in hopes of winning the $100,000 first-place prize.

When gambling on these running events not only will you get to witness world-class runners but have fantastic opportunities to make some extra cash!

What Types of Wagers Can You Make?

So many gamblers enjoy wagering on running because of the range of bets you can make. Here are some of the most popular wagers you may make right now!
Qualification – With this wager, you are predicting an athlete will make it to the next round. For example, you could bet on a runner to make the semi-final or qualify for the final. Typically the top 4 athletes in the qualification round progress and the top 2 runners in the semi-final progress.
Medal – With this wager, your goal is to predict an athlete to make it onto the medal podium by coming in the top 3 of the final. If your runner comes first, 2nd or 3rd your bet wins and you walk away a winner!
Win – If a sportsman wins the race, you walk away with a very lucrative prize.
Set a World Record – If the athlete breaks a world record you win. This tactic is risky as world records don’t happen very often but the payout is huge!
Set a Personal Record – Even if your chosen athlete comes dead last but manages to run their best ever personal time your wager pays out!
With so much choice, you are never going to get bored placing cash on your favorite track athletes!
What Are Some Winning Betting Strategies?
Are you looking to win some cash from your next wager? Well, why don’t you try these running betting strategies and start making money now!
Bet on Kenyan runners in long-distance races – Kenyans dominate long-distance sprinting, including the 5000m event, half marathon, and marathon. You never bet against a Kenyan to win a major long-distance running race.
Wager on Jamaicans in short-distance races – While the Kenyans perform well in long-distance running, Jamaicans do amazingly well in the sprint events (100m, 200m, and 400m).
Bet on multiple favorites and create a parlay – To receive higher odds pick 2 or 3 favorites from different races and bet on all of them to win and combine it into one single parlay.
Place money on underdogs to medal – While it is unlikely that a big underdog will win the gold medal, there is a good chance they will earn a bronze if they are in good form!
If you follow these strategies you will have an awesome chance at making money during the next running event.

Time To Bet On Running

Use our tips and tricks and start making winning wagers right now! Remember to do your research and only bet on races you are confident in predicting. It is also wise to start off wagering small and then increase your stake size as you win! With such a strategy, you will always remain a winner in the long term and create an additional stream of income that may even replace your main job.