All You Need to Know to Bet On Running Like A Pro

Do you enjoy watching all of the best track and field action? Then why not turn your passion into an additional stream of income? Luckily, running betting has low entry requirements and endless opportunities for you to become one step closer to financial independence. In this guide, we are going to share the insider tips that will help you to optimize your performance and boost your revenue.

Find An Event

Running is not the most popular sport so it does not have very extensive markets, but you still are able to make good money by betting on the most popular events that have crazy odds and a nice return on investment. Let’s dive into some contests you may opt for.
One of the most popular contests is World Athletics Championship which takes place every two years. You can gamble on all sorts of events, including 100 m hurdle or 200 m relay. These contests usually give crazy odds, especially if you take advantage of special promo deals that your bookmaker provides. You could also gamble on marathons, for example, the New York one which is one of the biggest events in the world of running since it has over 60,000 participants every year. Another competition that is worth your attention is the World Cross Country Championship that changes locations all the time, so you never know what is going to happen in it.

Determine Your Strategy

The choice of running gambling strategies should depend on your knowledge and experience. Let’s check out some of the most common tactics you can use to boost your deposit. The most obvious wager is to choose the winner of the race – all you need to do is to predict who will emerge victorious. Another strategy you could take is to try to predict the athlete who will break the world record – this tactic offers the biggest odds since you do not see world records to be broken every day, so you need to be very careful when making this bet. However, if you guess correctly, you can enjoy huge piles of cash made with running wagering! Some other sprinting gambling tactics include guessing which athlete will get into the next round (final, semi-final), or predicting what sportsman will win a medal by coming in the top 3 of the final. If you want to try some exotic bets, try guessing which athlete is going to set a personal record in the competition.

Record Everything

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, we recommend you keep track of every bet you place – you should write down the wager size, the strategy you use, the odds, the name of the event and the athlete, and the final result. It is going to help you to keep track of your performance and adjust the strategies to reach a better result. You can write the details on paper on use a computer.

Let’s Get Started Together!

As you see, running betting does not need to be challenging and difficult. All you need to do to remain a winner in the long term is to do thorough research of the previous performance of the athletes, check out the odds provided on different platforms to opt for the best ones, choose a gambling strategy (personal or world record, the winner of the race, medal or qualification), choose the event ( do you want to try your luck with World Athletics Championships or maybe New York Marathon?), determine the wager size and place a bet to see the big dollars. With our helpful tips and risk diversification, you should have no problem making running wagering an additional income stream.