Why Should You Bet On Running?

Running is the world’s oldest sport and was a part of the original Olympics in Ancient Greece. This legendary sport attracts the best sprinters from around the world who line up on the starting blocks and put it all on the line in the quest of becoming champions. If you are looking for a new sport to gamble on then keep reading because we are going to break down why you need to bet on dashing now!

No Complicated Rules

Running is probably the world’s simplest sport. The athletes lineup and when the starting gun goes off they run and whoever crosses the line first wins. Due to the simplicity of the sport, making bets is incredibly simple. You don’t need to spend hours trying to decipher the rule book or becoming an expert before you are qualified to make a bet. Even a monkey could understand the rules of a race making it the perfect sport for beginners to gamble on.

Events Throughout The Year

With many sports like basketball or football, there is a predefined season and once the season is over there are no more games to bet on. This is not the case with running. Running does not have a season as there are running races occurring around the world from January to December and every month in between. If you are always on the hunt for amazing action no matter the time of year you should check out sprinting.

Fun Different Types Of Wagers

You can make a wide range of running wagers which gives you more opportunities to win and also gambling more exciting. Some of the most popular wagers include:

  • Win – Simply predict which sprinter will win the race and walk away with some extra cash!
  • Medal – Wager on an athlete to stand on the podium and earn the gold, silver, or bronze medal! This strategy is less risky than a win bet but has lower odds.
  • Qualify – Wager on an athlete to make it to the semi-final or final. Typically runners in the top 4 of the first round make it to the semi-final.
    Personal Record – Even if an athlete doesn’t win your wager can still payout if they run their personal fastest time.
  • World Record – Bet on an sprinter to record the fastest time of all time and win huge. This tactic is super high risk but the odds can be enormous.

With so many different types of wagers, gambling on a race is always super exciting! If you don’t believe us try it out for yourself!

Incredibly Exciting Experience

Watching the 100m final in the Olympics is an incredibly thrilling experience. You can feel the tension mounting as the athletes shake out their legs and arms before reporting to the starting blocks. As the athletes set themselves in the starting blocks and wait for the sound of the starting gun you could hear a pin drop. And then you experience a wave of excitement as the athletes tear off down the track and battle it out against each other and before you know it the whole event is over in just 10 seconds.
Now imagine the thrill of watching a 100m final while you have bet $1000 on your favorite athlete. All of your emotions will be turned up to 10 and you will enjoy one crazy ride of emotions!

Time To Gamble On Running

Now you know why running is such an amazing sport to gamble on, it is time to get in on the action. All you need to do is sign up at a betting site, pick a race, select an athlete and place some cash on them. Remember before you place a wager, do your research and start off wagering small!